International Women in Engineering Day

International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) takes place annually on 23 June, dedicated to raising the profile and celebrating the achievements of women in engineering. INWED was created by the Women's Engineering Society (WES) in 2014 to celebrate its 95th anniversary.

In celebration of INWED 2021, Leonardo is participating and supporting a range of activities, including a STEM challenge run in conjunction with educational charity The Smallpeice Trust, and the virtual AeroWomen21. This event, conceived by some of our women STEM ambassadors, is designed to provide networking opportunities for women already working in aerospace, and a platform for the future generation to meet potential employers and understand that there is space for them in this arena.

Additionally, Leonardo’s Engineering & Projects Director, Paula Clarke, has released a poem called 'In My Defence' to mark International Women in Engineering Day.

These are part of Leonardo's ongoing objective to increase girls' confidence in the field of STEM in order to strengthen the future talent pipeline of women engineers. Other activities we usually do with The Smallpeice Trust (when not limited by Covid-19 restrictions), include visiting secondary schools, where female students undertake various engineering-related activities, including decoding secret messages, designing and building parachutes and rockets, and testing their creations. They are encouraged to share their perceptions of engineers at the beginning and the end of the day, so that any changes in their ideas and perceptions about engineering can be explored and discussed informally.

With only 9% of the UK's engineering workforce being women, there is a national effort to increase the number of girls studying STEM subjects in secondary school, which in turn may encourage them to pursue STEM careers.

INWED aims to encourage all groups Governmental, educational, corporate, Professional Engineering Institutions, individuals and other organisations) to organise their own events in support of the day each year, and link them together to focus attention on the great opportunities for women in engineering. Leonardo is a committed and willing advocate.

Meet some of our award-winning women engineers

At Leonardo, we are incredibly proud of the contributions of all the women engineers within our business, and in particular those who have been recognised by their peers and industry in recent years. Discover more about their award-winning achievements

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