UK Police Industry Charter

Leonardo is signed up to the UK Police Industry Charter.

The Charter, which is managed and monitored by BlueLight Commercial in conjunction with NPCC, APCC, the Home Office and the Office of the Police Chief Scientific Adviser, sets ‘the foundational principles upon which industry partners, whatever their product or services, together with UK policing, can collectively adhere to.’

Launched in March 2024 at the annual Home Office ‘Security and Policing’ event, the Charter’s principles align directly with those of Leonardo, including collaboration, partnership, transparency, sustainability, interoperability and people development.

For Leonardo, being a signatory of this Charter will help us continue supporting the police in tackling crime and rebuilding public confidence activities in the following ways:

  • As a provider of data services and analysis, Leonardo promotes interoperability through being agnostic to disparate data sources and sensors, and through a range of analysis tools, providing actionable intelligence that will enable the police to operate more efficiently, create capacity that can focus on high value tasks, and ultimately reduce crime.
  • We can support the police in their cyber challenge, helping them embed principles of Secure by Design, cyber assurance and resilience, and cyber security.
  • Similar to military veterans recruitment, Leonardo UK has a programme of recruiting former Police Officers, providing them with opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills in the commercial sector.
  • We are building on existing strategic relationships that Leonardo UK has established with senior officials across Government, further to engagement with NPCC Committee leads and with Police Digital Service Board members.

Working with UK Police Forces

Working with UK Police Forces

Leonardo has considerable experience working with police forces across the UK, in particular through the provision of a very large-scale national policing system through our work with the Home Office. We can provide a wide range of digital and cyber solutions that can capture, monitor, analyse and process large and complex big data sets in both open source and on the dark web.