Leonardo designs and builds a range of aircraft along with the sensors and electronic systems that sit under the skin of the world’s most advanced planes and helicopters, effectively acting as their brains, senses and nervous systems.

Leonardo is the UK’s leading manufacturer of sensors and electronic systems, developing communications or sensor technology that connects and protects UK and allied forces on operations around the world.

Leonardo boasts a rich heritage in delivering the capability that is helping keep a watchful eye on the UK coastline and enhancing the effectiveness of naval operations around the world, above and below the surface,


Leonardo offers amazing job opportunities for experienced hires, as well as award-winning programmes for people at the start of their careers.

Leonardo's award-winning graduate training programme is designed to support your first steps after leaving university and help you develop your career.

Highly-regarded programmes offering intensive training lasting 2-4 years, with apprentices gaining a substantial depth of skills in their specialist area.

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