Cyber and Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA)
Threats across the electromagnetic battlespace are constantly evolving; they are cross-domain, fast-moving and now often employed in peacetime below the threshold of conflict – in the ‘grey zone’. These threats are not only military in nature; they also apply to the civilian sector.

The data that feeds our critical capabilities is now viewed as a strategic asset, and is therefore being weaponised and exploited in ways we have never seen before, prompting UK and Allied defence forces to respond to this challenge. Adversaries are increasingly exploiting cyber and electromagnetic activities (CEMA) and integrating them into their planning and execution of operations across all domains.

Information Advantage

Against this backdrop, achieving information advantage – one of the outputs of multi-domain integration – will be challenging. It will require the orchestration of modular, scalable and resilient cross-domain national and international CEMA capabilities.

Through spectrum dominance activities, such capabilities will enable the dissemination of exploitable data, processed at the edge and through mission-focussed clouds, to deliver actionable information at the point and time of need. These CEMA capabilities – from across multiple forces – must also be synchronised and coordinated across domains, exploiting the electromagnetic spectrum and the data provided by both crewed and uncrewed systems, to enable friendly ‘Freedom on Action’ and to deliver faster and better decision-making and integrated effects.

This threat change is driving the requirement to go further and implement a holistic approach that involves:

  • Embracing the opportunities of open architecture
  • Maximising the processing, exploitation and sharing of data through the use of systems that are secure by design
  • Championing interoperability with partners, allies and NATO to get the right information to the right place at the speed of relevance

CEMA expertise

Leonardo is a world leader with a long heritage of successfully delivering CEMA training, technologies, equipment and systems integration to a wide variety of civilian and military end users in the UK and internationally.

Our CEMA training experts play a key role in ensuring UK defence and security forces and our international allies are properly equipped and fully prepared to counter the operationally-limiting effects of a hostile digital battlespace. Leonardo’s CEMA training provision includes our dedicated Lincoln Academy facility for Electronic Warfare Operational Support (EWOS) and Cyber Operations which provides customers with training on tools, processes and the operational context that ensure they can deliver information advantage and maximise their investment in CEMA systems.

Cross-domain, our unique understanding of the CEMA environment underpins the comprehensive range of highly mobile CEMA solutions we offer, which provides the capability to respond rapidly to real-time situations – from countering drones at international civilian airports to protecting military platforms with active countermeasures.

Land Electronic Warfare

Leonardo is Europe’s leading provider of electronic warfare technology and training, with expertise in Cyber & Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA). We play a key role in ensuring the UK armed forces and our international allies are properly equipped and fully prepared to counter the potentially crippling effects of a hostile digital battlespace.

Land Electronic Warfare

Electronic Warfare

Electronic Warfare

Leonardo has a rich heritage delivering Electronic Warfare (EW) technologies, equipment and training to combat airborne threats across the Electromagnetic spectrum. Systems developed at Luton and sites throughout the country, help protect UK and allied Armed Forces when they fly into combat. Tornado, Harrier, Apache, Wildcat, and Typhoon are just some of the aircraft our technology helped keep safe.

Mission Data

Modern systems are highly dependent on data-driven products to maximise capability and deliver the desired effects and outcomes. Mission Data, and its use to provide battlespace insight, is one of the critical enablers contributing to achieving freedom of manoeuvre and operational advantage.

Mission Data