UK Supply Chain
Across the UK, Leonardo works with 2,100 suppliers – two thirds of whom are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – and made £600 million worth of UK supply chain purchases in 2018.

Of this £600 million, 28% of all Leonardo supply chain spending was spent directly with SMEs, covering computer, electronic and optical products. Overall, Leonardo's procurement spending is estimated to indirectly support 9,700 jobs in the company’s UK supply chain.

In terms of how Leonardo’s supply chain purchases impact UK GDP, it was estimated to support a £480 million contribution to in 2018, with the largest indirect impact being £140 million in the manufacturing sector


Leonardo’s UK helicopters business works with nearly 600 suppliers, with 58% being SMEs in 2018. The business made £300 million of supply chain purchases in 2018, with approximately 23% spent with UK SMEs. The largest impact was felt in the administrative services industries, which includes various business support activities. Reflecting the company’s activities in helicopter assembly and production, the second largest impact was felt in the UK’s manufacturing sector.


Within Leonardo's UK electronics business, nearly three quarters (72%) of the 1,400 suppliers were SMEs in 2018, with 30% of the business’s £327 million procurement spent being with these firms. This spending supported 5,000 jobs through the supply chain, with the largest impact felt in the administrative services sector, including various business support activities. The breakdown in local supply chain spending in 2018 at each of our main locations, was as follows:

  • Leonardo in Edinburgh – £63m, of which 9% with SMEs
  • Leonardo in Luton – £21m, of which 33% with SMEs
  • Leonardo in Basildon – £20m, of which 55% with SMEs
  • Leonardo in Southampton – £5m, of which 39% with SMEs
  • Leonardo in Lincoln – £2.5m, of which 97% with SMEs


In Leonardo's UK cyber security business, 55% of its 104 suppliers were SMEs in 2018, with 24% of the business’s procurement spent with these firms.

Securing the Supply Chain

Max Wigley, VP Capability & CTO, Cyber Security at Leonardo UK, looks at the challenges large contractors and their suppliers have around securing increasingly expansive and interconnected supply chains.

Securing the Supply Chain

Global Supply Chain

Global Supply Chain

The supply chain is a strategic element of Leonardo's model. Thousands of suppliers contribute to the Group’s competitiveness and value creation through the quality of the products and services supplied, and the collaboration in the project management, including focus on risk management. Suppliers take part in collaborative innovation processes, in order to share knowledge, skills and technologies, as well as participating in industry initiatives.