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Commercial Helicopters

With the world’s most modern portfolio of commercial helicopters, underpinned by the latest technology and highest safety standards, Leonardo helicopters are ideally suited to a wide range of commercial rotary operations. Our family of helicopters provides luxury and comfort for international VIPs, services offshore oil and gas production, and helps HM Coastguard and Air Ambulance Trusts across the UK deliver life-saving medical and rescue services where and when it counts.

Leonardo tops helicopter manufacturers product support survey for 5th successive year

Leonardo tops helicopter manufacturers product support survey for 5th successive year

In 2023, Leonardo topped the Pro Pilot Helicopter Product Support Survey for the fifth year in a row, following feedback from the industry.

Executive and Private Transport

In the UK, Leonardo provides more than 50% of the twin-engine helicopters in the executive transport sector. Our modern portfolio of helicopters is ideally suited for Heads of State and VVIP clients, thanks to their spacious, quiet and bright air-conditioned cabins. Additionally, our state-of-the-art helicopters offer passengers safe and comfortable flights in an elegant environment featuring a large baggage compartment and luxurious, bespoke interiors.

Medical and Rescue Services

Every day around the UK, Leonardo helicopters are helping to save lives. Our AW189 helicopters – operated by Bristow on behalf of HM Coastguard – represent around half of all search and rescue services across the UK, as well as being the only search and rescue platform in the harsh environment of The Falklands. Furthermore, our AW169s amount to around 30% of the UK’s air ambulance fleet in service through leading EMS-service operator Specialist Aviation Services across the southern and central England regions. Meanwhile, our AW109 family of helicopters is delivering a resilient emergency medical response service across Ireland and central England.

Security Services

Leonardo helicopters are designed to meet a wide range of law enforcement and security operations. Featuring the largest cabins their class, helicopters including our AW139 and AW169 offer the safety, performance, space and flexibility to rapidly deploy teams to support missions as varied as Surveillance, Aerial Support, Drug Enforcement, Border Patrol, Medical and Casualty Evacuation, Disaster Relief, Search and Rescue (SAR) and Utility.

Energy Services

Ideally suited to demanding offshore missions, thanks to their proven reliability and full compliance with the stringent offshore regulations, Leonardo's helicopters are currently supporting oil, gas and renewable energy operations around the coast of the UK. In this sector, Leonardo is setting the highest benchmark in offshore safety, including unrivalled transmission run dry capabilities that exceed all certification requirements. With rapidly configurable cabins suitable for a variety of crew change and utility missions, these helicopters, including the AW169, AW139 and AW189, carry large numbers of passengers in safety and comfort, ensuring operational capability in the most challenging environments.

Utility Helicopters

Whether inspecting remote pipelines, fighting large-scale fires or lugging the heaviest of loads, Leonardo helicopters provide rugged and reliable solutions for a wide range of missions. With the highest safety standards, combined with easily configurable cabins and state-of-the-art glass cockpits, our helicopters support operations that require best-in-class lifting capability, alongside superior range and performance.

Regional Partners

Regional Partners

Leonardo’s commercial helicopters are supported across the UK and Ireland by a network of Service Centre partners, including Castle Air, Sloane Helicopters and Specialist Aviation Services who together ensure that our customers may exploit the full operational capability of our products. Furthermore, Sloane Helicopters is our regional distributor for the AW109 and AW169 helicopters across the Executive and Private Transport sector.