Data and Artificial Intelligence

Through development of our Digital Advantage Product set, Leonardo is at the forefront of helping organisations achieve the benefits of digital capabilities and the data they hold, in complex and highly secure environments.

The ability to translate data into actionable intelligence is becoming increasingly important across all areas and doing this whilst simultaneously reducing costs and managing risk is a real challenge, requiring innovative solutions around data analytics and effective adoption of cloud services.

Solving these challenges requires a diverse and highly specialised set of capabilities. We are therefore working with strategic partners Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the Alan Turing Institute to ensure that collectively we can drive the required innovative solutions. With the Alan Turing Institute, Leonardo is working on a series of Grand Challenges focussing on the practical application of novel Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques in real world scenarios.

In our Border Control product, Leonardo is applying these principles to develop innovative solutions to protect UK Borders – fusing data from a range of sensor types in fixed and mobile environments to support effective real-time decision making; whether scanning freight entering the UK for contraband or dangerous goods, detecting and preventing clandestine human border crossings, or supporting search and rescue activities.