Leonardo UK has a long proud heritage of collaboration, working with academia, commercial and institutional partners, and suppliers.

We know that solving the challenges presented to us by our international customers often requires a diverse and highly specialised set of capabilities. We are therefore working with strategic partners on a range of programmes and projects to deliver the highest quality solutions.

Amongst Leonardo UK's strategic partners are Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the Alan Turing Institute, to ensure that collectively we can drive the required innovative solutions. Leonardo is leveraging its strategic relationships with AWS to take advantage of the latest cloud technologies, and with the Alan Turing Institute to drive innovative solutions to these challenges.

Leonardo delivers the software at the core of the UK’s National Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) System service. This provide real-time analytics capability across billions of data points and thousands of new images per second. Working in a strategic partnership with AWS, we are developing the next generation capability. By taking advantage of AWS’s next generation technologies, we can simultaneously drive down the cost of the service and improve the real-time analytical capabilities available to police forces around the UK.

With the Alan Turing Institute, Leonardo is working on a series of Grand Challenges focussing on the practical application of novel Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques in real world scenarios.