Scottish Procurement Digital Services DPS

As a Scottish Procurement Digital Services (Dynamic Purchasing System) supplier, Leonardo provides services under the following three lots:

Lot 1 – Digital Technology Projects – includes Digital Transformation; Projects; Digital/Online Services; User Research; Content Design; Service Design; Testing; Training.

Lot 2 – Digital Technology Resources – includes Digital Specialists; Project/Programme Managers; Agile Coach; User Researcher; Systems Designer; Product Manager; Systems Developer; Data Scientists.

Lot 3 – Cyber Security Services – includes Cyber Security Specialists; Cyber Security Services; Cyber Security Training; Security Testing; Digital Forensics

Technology is transforming the way public services are being delivered, and there has been significant growth in the demand for digital services, as identified in the Scottish Government’s Digital Strategy. Organisations also require access to a wider range of digital technology suppliers to support agile working, mitigate the skills gap and further develop their cyber security processes. Additionally, there are procurement aspirations in terms of streamlining the procurement process and reducing barriers for participation in public sector contracts.

As a result, Scottish Procurement has developed a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for Digital Services to offer a straightforward, flexible and quick route to market for all Scottish public sector organisations, and to be a low entry barrier for approved digital suppliers.

Qualification for this DPS recognises Leonardo’s excellence and commitment to providing Scottish Government organisations and the public sector with improved value-for-money for taxpayers, improved goods and services for all Scottish citizens and economic opportunities for Scotland.