G-Cloud Services and Crown Commercial Services Frameworks

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As a Crown Commercial Service (CCS) supplier, Leonardo provides services under the following Government frameworks. The company is one of more than 2,800 suppliers and nearly 20,000 services that are available through the Digital Marketplace platform. CCS performs a vital role in helping protect front line services by delivering significant and sustainable cost savings through its commercial activity and aggregated procurement arrangements.

Qualification for these frameworks recognises Leonardo’s continued excellence and commitment to providing Government organisations and the public sector with value-for-money and independent, expert services to support the UK public sector’s drive for cost efficiency.

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G-Cloud 10

G-Cloud is designed to:

  • Provide access to many more common commodity solutions
  • Offer flexibility and freedom
  • Be ready and easy to use
  • Be low cost
  • Generate a competitive marketplace

Benefits of G-Cloud 10

Leonardo has a long track-record of qualifying for Government frameworks. Qualification for G-Cloud 10 recognises our continued excellence and commitment to providing Government organisations and the public sector with value-for-money and independent, expert services to support the UK public sector’s drive for cost efficiency.

Under G-Cloud 10, we offer services in the following categories:

  • Cloud Hosting
  • Cloud Software
  • Cloud Support

Through our 53 services – ranging from software and database solutions for vehicle number-plate data and network cyber security, through to building a protective monitoring service – Government departments, local authorities and other public-sector customers will be able to develop the most effective method of managing and securing information for the future by designing and constructing a best fit solution for the organisation, helping them achieve business transformation.

Our domain and technical knowledge can act as the conduit between other cloud-based services to enable organisations to develop their enterprise for the future, in a most effective and efficient manner.

Cloud Hosting includes platform and infrastructure services to help deploy, manage and run software, as well as provide use processing, storage or networking facilities. Leonardo offers the following service within the Cloud Hosting category:

Cloud Software ​​​​​​​applications are those accessed over the internet and hosted in the cloud. Leonardo offers the following services within the Cloud Software category:

Cloud Support services help set up and maintain cloud software or hosting services. Leonardo offers the following services within the Cloud Support category:

G-Cloud information on the Digital Marketplace

Technology Services 2 (TS2)

The Technology Services 2 (TS2) framework (RM3804)  is designed to deliver against public sector customers’ ICT service requirements, including services at all government security classification levels, covering technology strategy, service design, transition and transformation and operational services.

s designed to service the smallest of IT needs from replacing and managing a small desktop computer estate to the replacement of larger and more critical central government systems, at the Government’s Official, Secret and Top Secret security classifications. This framework has also been developed as an enabler for the disaggregation of larger government contracts that have been in place for some time.

Leonardo is qualified in all 4 lots:

Lot 1: Technology Strategy and Service Design

Through Lot 1, Leonardo provides expertise around the development and enhancement of ICT strategy and service design. This covers everything from business capability assessments through to the specification of the applications and toolsets to deliver ICT services.

Lot 2: Transition and Transformation

Through Lot 2, Leonardo provides expertise around the implementation of ICT strategy or services, site relocation, and service agreement transition – particularly where security is a priority. This includes legacy service decommissioning.

Lot 3: Operational Services

Through Lot 3, Leonardo provides operational services expertise in four distinct service groupings:

3a: End User Services

3b: Operational Management

3c: Technical Management

3d: Application and Data Management

Lot 4: Programmes and Large Projects

This Lot is for those organisation that have a large programme or project, particularly with high financial investment. All aspects of Lots 1-3 are included in this offering, as well as the ability to deliver programmes and projects at the Secret and Top Secret government security classification. This is an area in which Leonardo can provide very strong references for innovative, low-cost solutions operating at the highest levels of security, to address large scale or complex problems The Lot is split into two sub-lots to meet customers’ specific security requirements, with Leonardo qualified in both areas:

4a: Government Official security classification

4b: Government Secret and Top Secret classifications

Further information about the TS2 framework

Management Consultancy Framework

The Management Consultancy Framework (RM3745) provides a compliant, cost-effective way for central government and the wider public sector to access a variety of consultancy advice and services from a wide range of suppliers. It replaces ConsultancyONE.

Leonardo is qualified in Lot 8 – ICT and Digital Services. This provides advice and ICT expertise for the development of strategy, pre design solutions and assurance of implementation for ICT business improvement projects to assure delivery. This includes, but not exhaustively, ICT health checks, strategy development, requirements specification, system design and implementation to a controlled steady state, underpinned by ISO 9001 QMS and ISO 27001 Information Assurance processes.

Further information about this Management Consultancy Framework

Digital Outcomes and Specialists 3

Digital Outcomes and Specialists 3 (RM1043IV) is a dynamic style framework with the specific aim of helping the public sector buy, design, build and deliver digital outcomes using an agile approach, by procuring the appropriate specialist resource to deliver agile software development. Leonardo is qualified in two of the four lots:

  • Lot 1 – Digital outcomes: teams to build and support a digital service
  • Lot 2 – Digital specialists: individual specialists to deliver a specific outcome with defined deliverables on a service, programme or project.

Further information about Digital Outcomes and Specialists 3