Capability Areas

Leonardo UK is today creating and investing in our wider innovation ecosystem including industry, with a focus on micro, small and medium enterprises, academia and partnership with Government.

Through this ecosystem, spread across the UK, it is not just a story about iterative development and levelling-up, but the basis of creating truly disruptive ‘generation after next capability’.

Translating data into actionable intelligence is becoming increasingly important across all areas. Doing this whilst reducing costs and managing risk is a real challenge, requiring innovative solutions around data analytics and effective adoption of cloud services.

Providing secure platform-to-platform communications and creating high power laser systems to designate and damage threats, as part of continued innovation across the electro-optic spectrum.

The pace of disruptive technologies within the vertical lift sector requires different thinking, with engineering and processes to be rapidly implemented embracing augmented reality, artificial intelligence digitalisation, alternative fuels and autonomy.

Innovation is a key driver to the UK achieving its ambition to capture 10% of the £490 billion estimated global space market by 2030, with the government including a strong investment plan in its budget to support space innovation.