AeroWomen 2023

25 May 2023

AeroWomen is a space to celebrate, educate and unite Women in Aerospace.

On 25 May 2023, the third annual AeroWomen event took place at the iAero Centre in Yeovil, close to Leonardo's UK Helicopter facility. AeroWomen is organised by Leonardo’s trainees for women in and wanting to join the sector.

It provides an excellent networking opportunity between those women who have established careers in Aerospace, as well as a platform for the future generation to meet potential employers and understand that there is space for them in the sector

The event aims to:

  • Showcase and celebrate the diversity of Women in Aerospace
  • Invite women in industry to share their career paths, highlighting the plethora of different ways that a woman can be successful in this sector
  • Deliver a set of pragmatic and engaging workshops to promote the skills needed to have a purposeful and successful career in aerospace
  • Educate all attendees
  • Increase diversity in the candidates who apply for roles in the sector - at all levels and stages of their career
  • Create an association of Women in Aerospace that exists beyond the event, in the form of an invitation-only LinkedIn group that will offer solidarity and networking for all involved

The team hosted a full day of speakers, panel discussions, workshops and opportunities to network with women from across the aerospace sector.

The agenda for the day consisted of:

  • Special guest speakers from women in aerospace who will share their experiences within the industry
  • Panel discussion on ‘The Importance and Value of Diverse Pathways into Aerospace’.
  • Workshops for all guests, to encourage the development of skills required for a successful career in aerospace.


  • Cdr Polly Hatchard (Royal Navy)
  • Erin Mansell (Leonardo)
  • Sasha Wright (2Excel)


  • Lauren Reid (Airbus)
  • Catherine Philips  (Leonardo)
  • Laura Holmes (Collins Aerospace)
  • Jodie Bowman (Leonardo)

We also encourage people to join the AeroWomen group on LinkedIn, which is exclusively for women in the aerospace sector to allow their professional networks to continue to expand. You can also follow AeroWomen on Instagram.

For any questions about AeroWomen, please email AeroWomen.mbx@leonardo..