Leonardo and BAE Systems approach international market with interoperable aircraft survivability suite

15 February 2023

The collaboration will unlock a low-risk route to gold-standard aircraft protection for global customers

Leonardo UK and BAE Systems, Inc. are collaborating to offer an end-to-end InfraRed (IR) aircraft self-protection system to the international market. The companies have received U.S. Government approval to integrate a system which brings together the BAE Systems AN/AAR-57 Common Missile Warning System (CMWS) and the Leonardo Miysis Directed Infrared Countermeasure (DIRCM). The collaboration will see the two domain experts offering the interoperable system to international customers, including the many existing operators of the AN/AAR-57 CMWS.

Leonardo’s Miysis DIRCM is proven to provide gold-standard protection against infrared (IR) ‘heat-seeking’ missiles, such as those launched by Man-Portable Air Defence Systems (MANPADS). Drawing on the company’s decades of DIRCM heritage, the Miysis system’s speed and energy enables it to defeat multiple, simultaneous incoming missiles. Multiple NATO and non-NATO users have selected Miysis for its ability to defeat latest-generation threats.

In a scenario where an aircraft comes under threat from IR missiles, the BAE Systems CMWS will detect the incoming threat, alert the crew and automatically cue the Miysis DIRCM. Miysis will then quickly overwhelm the incoming missile with a powerful stream of laser energy, defeating the missile’s targeting system.

The AN/AAR-57 CMWS is already in service on thousands of aircraft around the world, representing a large, potential user base for the interoperable solution. At the same time, Miysis, which is made by Leonardo in the UK, is readily exportable internationally. The collaboration between Leonardo and BAE Systems will therefore allow existing international users of CMWS to add a proven, non-ITAR DIRCM capability to their aircraft quickly, simply and at low risk.

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