Engineering, Procurement
and Construction

Major installation and infrastructure projects are increasingly at risk of becoming prime targets for sophisticated cyber, physical and hybrid security attacks. This has seen some of the most successful and disruptive cyber-attacks penetrating seemingly secure systems through simple means – caused by either human error, system design or a supply chain vulnerability.

These high threat environments need dedicated and specialist resources to identify and mitigate threats at every stage – from the secure collection, processing, storage and sharing of data, to secure communications and operational technologies including SCADA in civil projects.

Leonardo has a broad range of skills and services to support UK engineering, procurement and construction organisations with a choice of physical and cyber security solutions. As a National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)-certified consultancy with ISO27001 accreditation and as Ambassadors of the Institute of Collaborative Working (ISO44001), our dedicated and multi-disciplinary teams can deliver complete, turnkey projects or support engineering, procurement and construction projects at any point in their lifecycle.