Cyber Security Solutions

Security Assurance

Leonardo designs and develops a range of cyber and security solutions to protect the assets and critical data of government agencies and commercial organisations.

Our services and solutions deliver security-assured capability to key customers where security and discretion is important, both nationally and internationally at a range of security classifications and trust-classes.

Trusted Solutions

Our National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)-certified cyber security consultancy helps organisations understand and manage the cyber security risks they face, and develop proportionate security architectures to manage such threats. 

We also support our customers' digital transformation journey by embedding cyber resilience into solutions, enabling new technologies and approaches to be utilised to best effect.  We also have a capability to provide holistic solutions which integrate physical and cyber domains to provide overall risk management solutions for complex security challenges.


Our solutions can enable you to realising the benefits of new technologies and deliver cyber assured capabilities across all domains:

  • Secure by design solutions
  • Cyber resilient approach
  • 24/7 cyber threat monitoring and protection
  • Assured service integration and delivery
  • Supporting your digital transformation journey

As a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), Leonardo supports effective and appropriate cyber risk management at all levels in the organisation, efficiently delivering on customer compliance and assurance requirements, and providing an appropriate and effective cyber operations capability.

We deliver our services from Leonardo's Security Operation Centre (SOC) which provides 24/7 perimeter and internal security with real-time monitoring, device maintenance, event correlation, and analysis of the customer’s infrastructure and critical applications to ensure the cyber threat is proactively managed and attacks mitigated.

Our services include:

  • Vulnerability Assessment and Threat Intelligence to support the proactive management on cyber security protection.
  • Asset and Configuration Management to support the ongoing management of cyber capability implementation
  • A 24/7 Cyber Security Operation to monitor and respond to cyber incidents
  • Governance and Consultancy Services to develop cyber security across customer organisations to help customers achieve Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO27001 certification
  • Ongoing Security Implementation Guidance as the customer moves to a cloud-based security model.

We also work with customers to consolidate and enhance their current cyber security capabilities, particularly around DLP solutions, network segmentation and data encryption at rest. Our skills in designing and building security systems enable us to support all aspects of secure IT configuration.

Protect your information through cyber security

Leonardo is certified in the National Cyber Security Centre's Cyber Security Consultancy framework.

Protect your information through cyber security

Cyber Security Job Opportunities

Cyber Security Job Opportunities

We are recruiting cyber security experts with strong analytical skills and experienced professionals in network security event management.