Transport Control

Transportation is at the leading edge of Smart Cities, and future transportation systems will need to be increasingly connected, safe, resilient and data-driven. Our Transport Control product supports safe and efficient transportation services across bus, tram and rail networks.

One of the main goals of public transport network operators is to provide the public with a well-planned and reliable services that offers a viable alternative to private means of transportation. Among the key requirements for the accomplishment of this goal are an effective supervision and regulation of the service, optimised management of the vehicle fleets, correct scheduling of route timetables, and the provision of clear and timely information to the users. 

Leonardo is the ideal partner to provide integrated transportation and control room solutions, taking responsibility for the overall system design and commissioning. We have proven expertise in the delivery of large-scale fleet management solutions, cutting-edge security, communications and ICT systems to metro/railway operators and bus transport authorities.

MATRICS-AVM is Leonardo’s complete suite for public transport management, specifically designed to manage surface fleet-based public transport in a simple and effective way, providing the operator with powerful and clear representations of the service, together with highly effective tools for regulating service. MATRICS-AVM is built on a distributed, flexible and robust architecture where vehicles equipped with ancillaries and local intelligence communicates via private or public networks with the operation centre performing real-time monitoring, management and regulation functions, as well as multi-channel information dissemination for users.

Capabilities include:

  • Turnkey solutions for both back-end and on-board systems
  • Modular platform for intuitive and effective fleet management
  • Traffic regulation management functions availability
  • Smart Mobile Apps for passenger information
  • Advanced operational reporting measuring service quality and performance
  • Multi-channel information to passengers

Cyber Security Job Opportunities

Cyber Security Job Opportunities

We are recruiting cyber security experts with strong analytical skills and experienced professionals in network security event management.