Physical Security Systems

Responding to threats with actionable information

High threat environments such as critical national infrastructure require the highest level of protection against increasing numbers and types of threats.

Many of these threats and attacks remain undetected and unreported, yet their economic, political, environmental and safety impacts can have severe consequences on an organisation. Therefore, a high degree of situational awareness is required across these environments to produce immediate actionable information that supports decision making and can be securely shared with stakeholders.

Agile in response

Leonardo is highly experienced in defining concepts of operation and supporting customers in embedding flexible security solutions within their infrastructure, enabling their personnel to respond effectively.

Our control room solutions enable situational awareness, event management, incident coordination and data sharing. Additionally, Leonardo’s integrated sensor packages offer high performance and reliable capabilities which meet customer needs, providing high availability security solutions which are resilient to both system failures and operator errors.

Leonardo solutions provide:

  • Extended surveillance to give operators time to react to the unexpected
  • Incident management and integration with the latest sensor technology
  • Modular and scalable solutions for future expansion able to adapt to changes in the perceived threat
  • Easy to operate Command Centre with intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI) requiring minimum training 
  • An integrated solution supported by our local and global support infrastructure which has a pedigree of maintaining operational systems in the harshest of environments.

Cyber Security Job Opportunities

Cyber Security Job Opportunities

We are recruiting cyber security experts with strong analytical skills and experienced professionals in network security event management.