Tracey Maclean

16 April 2024

Meet Tracey. She pursued an engineering career, driven by a vision of making things better. She is also a keen supporter of STEM initiatives and plays an active role in promoting gender equality at Leonardo, as a member of the committee that runs the Equalise network group.

Can you give us a 30-second summary of who you are?

I’m Tracey Maclean and I’m Head of Quality at Leonardo UK, based in our Edinburgh site. In my current role, I manage and develop how the Radar and Advanced Targeting System (RATS) line of business approaches Quality. This includes development of our people and the growth of our team. challenging ways of working, and striving to provide tools and training that support the quality performance of the products and services we provide. I am also responsible for reviewing our process sets, in order identify opportunities for continuous improvement and to continue our digital transformation through Future Factory and Process Excellence.

Why did you pursue a career in engineering?

For me, this was about seeing opportunities to make things better, and seek a solution that was beneficial for all involved, so that the process, product and people all saw benefit. The tools within the engineering discipline allow you to create the framework and challenge the status quo.

Tell us about your experience at Leonardo

I joined Leonardo in September 2021, having already worked in the defence sector for over a decade. The company’s range and diversity of products were a huge attraction, as was the scope for future career development within a large organisation.

How can more women be encouraged to work in the engineering sector?

It is about showcasing our talent, both within engineering and Quality Assurance. We need to talk to more women and show them the career opportunities, role diversity and benefits of working in the sector and within Leonardo.

I am a strong advocate for STEM and early careers, making sure we encourage the next generations too.

How are you involved in promoting equality in the workplace, and why is this important to you?

I have been fortunate in my career to have had support and mentors who helped me on my journey. In my previous company, I was a co-chair of an employee resource group which focussed on promoting equality in the work place. This gave me a voice to help those individuals who potentially did not feel empowered or confident to take ideas forward. This was highly rewarding, and when the opportunity arose to join Leonardo’s Equalise network, I jumped at this opportunity. The Equalise network is growing and supporting some great projects across the UK. It provides the forum to meet new people, grow your network and pick up some new skills along the way.

Inclusion and Diversity

We're strongly committed to supporting our people, and as times, people and society change, our approach to inclusion and diversity is continually evolving to reflect this. This is evidenced by the range of activities we provide and the organisations and initiatives that Leonardo is signed up to.

Inclusion and Diversity

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