Partnering with UK Armed Forces

Leonardo recognises the contribution that the members of the Armed Forces make to the nation through their service and sacrifices as a result of their duty.

We believe therefore that we have a moral obligation to those who have served in the past – whether Regular or Reserve – to those who are now serving, as well as the families who play a significant role in supporting the Armed Forces members.

Leonardo is a supporter of the “Armed Forces Covenant”, demonstrating its pledge to the Armed Forces Community.

As part of our pledge, we commit to uphold in our business dealings the key principles of the Armed Forces Covenant which are:

  • ‘No member of the Armed Forces Community should face disadvantage in the provision of public and commercial services compared to any other citizen.’
  • ‘In some circumstances special treatment may be appropriate for the injured or bereaved.’

Leonardo also commits to promote that we are an armed forces-friendly organisation and to publicise this within our organisation; to support the employment of young and old veterans; to support our employees who choose to be members of the Reserve Forces and to support our local cadet units, either in the local community or local schools, where possible.