Royal Institution Masterclass Programme

We welcomed students to take part in the 2019 masterclasses (5 October - 23 November), with representation from several schools local to Leonardo’s site in Luton.

Royal Institution logoThe six classes in the series combine theory / presentation material with hands-on, practical activities, to provide pupils with an in-depth introduction to the world of engineering. The sessions are:

  • Knex Racing Cars
  • Wings: A class about aerodynamics, during which students discover how wings generate lift, before having the opportunity to design their own wind turbine.
  • Python Puzzles: Students learn about software algorithms and networking using Python and raspberry Pis, including how to use the power of distributed computing to solve a complex problem.
  • Pi Face: Students learn about how to make computers learn. They also use the knowledge gained from the previous Masterclass sessions to build a system that can recognise faces.
  • The Enigma Machine: A class about the Enigma Machine where students learn about making codes to encrypt information, make their own Enigma Machine with a Pringles tube and get to use a real Enigma Machine.
  • A Logical Element and Celebration Event: In this final session, students developed an understanding about the basic building blocks of electronics and logic gates, and how these can be used to store information. The final masterclass is followed by a celebration event, at which the students receive certificates of attendance and showcase their achievements during the programme to their parents and teachers. Participants and their families also have the chance to discover more about career opportunities by talking to some of Leonardo's engineers.

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