Leonardo Lincoln Academy successfully delivers new training course for the Joint Electronic Warfare Operational Support Centre

19 October 2020

Over recent months, Leonardo has been collaborating with the Joint Electronic Warfare Operational Support Centre (JEWOSC) at RAF Waddington to further design and develop a fundamental Electronic Warfare (EW) Course which would also incorporate basic radar training.

Consulting closely with our customer and end-user to fully understand their requirements, Leonardo’s main focus was ensuring that the quality of the training material was of the highest standards whilst retaining the most operational and cost-effective training solution.

This development work culminated in the successful delivery of a three-week ‘EW for EWOS Training Course’ to military and civilian JEWOSC personnel during August 2020 at Leonardo’s Training Academy in Lincoln.

Positive and complimentary feedback from course attendees and JEWOSC reflected the extent of knowledge portrayed within the training material, coupled with the high standards, enthusiasm and professionalism from Leonardo’s instructors and subject matter experts.

Furthermore, Leonardo was able to comply with both the Government and company social distancing measures in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Taking full advantage of the flexibility of the classrooms and facilities available within the Lincoln Academy, a comprehensive risk assessment was put in place, ensuring adherence to the strict guidelines.

Leonardo also invited one of its Team Novus partners, Meta Mission Data, to provide a brief overview on their software system, MOONLIGHT. The brief was considered to be both an informative and interesting element to the final day of the course.

Further EW courses are scheduled for the rest of 2020 and into 2021, ensuring Leonardo continues to be positioned as the UK lead in the EW Transformation programme.

Lincoln Academy

Lincoln Academy

With Cyber & Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA) playing an ever-increasing critical role in military operations, Leonardo offers a combination of tools, expertise and training to enable our UK armed forces and their international allies to gain mission advantage in the digital battlespace.

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