Mission Critical Communications (MCX)

The Leonardo CSP-MCX platform is an emerging technology ecosystem in Mission Critical Broadband Communications. The CSP-MCX unified secure wireless broadband platform’s product portfolio is a complete end-to-end network solution compliant to 3GPP open standards. It provides Mission Critical Communication Services (MCX) to first responders and business-critical mobile users. CSP-MCX is designed to industry open standards with multiple manufacturer certified testing to ensure reliable LTE and 5G broadband technology with a very high degree of security, reliability and availability, providing future communications solutions to industry, defence, public safety and national critical infrastructure.

Leonardo also designs unique integration solutions for a managed migration path from existing legacy radio communication systems to these new broadband wireless technologies.

CSP-MCX implements scalability and security by design using microservices architecture from single site operations to nationwide infrastructure. With secure internal IP networks or secure cloud-based native architecture, we can provide complete situational awareness for dispatch operations and detailed management interfaces for fleet configuration, recording and event statistics.

The Leonardo bespoke MCX mobile phone client applications are designed for emergency field operations and optimised for handheld device user interfaces.

Leonardo CSP-MCX’s features include:

  • Open standards compliant development
  • Mission-critical mobile services: MCPTT/MCVIDEO/MCDATA
  • Android and iOS client designed for optimised field operations including push to video
  • Web-based powerful dispatcher to coordinate operations and provide incident situation awareness
  • Advanced management interface for fleet configurations and statistics (KPIs)
  • Enhanced security by design
  • Integration and managed migration to existing communication systems
  • Fully scalable network architecture
  • Complete end-to-end network technology solutions

MCX-FRMCS (Future Railway Mobile Communication System) 

Leonardo has also developed its MCX platform to be compliant with the new FRMCS safety-critical standards. This platform provides digital operational communications and signalling dedicated to the railway sector, and will progressively replace GSM-R around the world.

Communication Services Platform (CSP)

Leonardo also provides fully Integrated multiple technology hybrid network solutions that enable full interoperability between various radio carriers and IP networks. They support voice and data communications, including multimedia, between field operators and operations centres, allowing a managed evolution towards next generation networks utilising our CSP platform.