Digital Advantage

Leonardo’s Digital Advantage product family supports organisations in effectively exploiting data and digital capabilities, to drive value and improved outcomes for the business. Through secure by design, interoperable and portable applications’ development and cloud services, Leonardo partners public sector and industries across the secure digitalisation path of core processes, infrastructures and systems.

The changing digital landscape

UK Government and industry are on a journey to embrace fully digitally managed and enabled solutions and services, which aim to maximise the value derived from data and information, and must be resilient against cyber-attack.

Digitally managed and enabled solutions

Leonardo believes that digital transformation is about combining technology, data, process and organisational change. As a leading high technology manufacturer, Leonardo is fully engaged in all these domains in support of our own digital transformation, and to provide modern, efficient and effective digital solutions to our customers.

We process high volume data from our world-leading sensing technologies as part of structured processes which seek to deliver business value and help organisations become cyber resilient through culture, process and technology change.