Border Control

Leonardo’s Border Control product delivers sensing and detection integrated to command and control, optimised to protect both controlled and uncontrolled borders covering air, land and sea domains, using best of breed and emerging sensor technologies to achieve high accuracy and effectiveness.

  • We provide a configurable and integrated sensor capability including radio-nuclear, X-Ray and Human Presence detection for land borders
  • We provide integration between land, air and sea assets to deliver a multi domain operational view
  • This provides organisations with a holistic picture of border security to inform mission-critical decision-making to monitor, react to and protect borders.

The growing threat

Securing the UK’s borders from the illegal entry of goods or people remains a constant challenge, as serious organised crime groups try and smuggle drugs, weapons, other illicit substances and migrants into the country.

To combat this threat, UK Border Force requires a holistic approach which utilises multiple integrated systems to monitor all entry points along the journey. Any illicit activity must be instantly detected, with systems observing activity and sending high resolution images back to a control room, 24/7 and in real-time.

Surveillance and data-sharing solutions

As a leading systems integrator, Leonardo offers a broad range of maritime, aerial and land-based border surveillance solutions which can detect, observe, monitor and track migration journeys at every stage.

By delivering effective data sharing across complex multi-agency interworking environments, all the stakeholders have access to real-time data, enabling them to make decisive operational decisions.

Leonardo’s border security solutions are vendor agnostic, meaning we utilise the most appropriate solution for our customers’ specific requirements, risk appetite and budget.

Coast & Border Protection

Leonardo has long-standing experience and heritage designing and implementing integrated coast and border security solutions against illegal activities,

Coast & Border Protection

Cyber Security Job Opportunities

Cyber Security Job Opportunities

We are recruiting cyber security experts with strong analytical skills and experienced professionals in network security event management.