Cyber Advantage

Technology and the way we interact with it is changing rapidly, and approaches to cyber security need to adapt in order to support and enable this. It is no longer possible to hide behind an ‘air gap’. Leonardo’s Cyber Advantage Product Family represents a new approach – how can cyber security act as a critical enabler to organisations taking advantage of the latest technological innovations such as Machine Learning and Cloud services, whilst at the same time safeguarding critical services and information?

Our approach focuses on ensuring trust in business and mission outcomes, rather than deployment of specific tools, to address the cyber threats of tomorrow, not just those of today. Cyber Advantage ensures that cyber security is an enabler not a blocker – supporting more effective use of data and digital tools whilst effectively managing cyber risk.

Leonardo is certified by the UK National Cyber Security Centre as a specialist in Risk Assessment and Management across both Enterprise IT and Operational Technologies. As an assured service provider, Leonardo’s team of experts can provide the most appropriate cyber security consultancy services to protect your critical services and information. Qualification through this framework recognises that Leonardo has a proven track record of delivering defined cyber security consultancy services; a level of cyber security expertise supported by professional requirements defined by NCSC; and the relevant Certified Professional (CCP) qualifications.