Leonardo UK embarks on new partnership with Social Value Portal

24 May 2024

For many decades, Leonardo has demonstrated the spirit of social value through the delivery of diverse initiatives that benefit local communities across the UK.

For the first time, Leonardo UK is now embarking on a partnership with Social Value Portal to formulate a UK social value strategy and reporting system that will maximise the efficiency of the organisation’s activities in this incredibly important field, whilst helping measure our impact.

Social value is calculated by the positive outcomes that an organisation creates to benefit society – beyond business as usual – for communities, the economy and the environment.

Social Value Portal is an online platform that enables organisations to capture, measure and manage the contribution that they and their supply chain make to society.

Ben Knight, Head of Sustainability at Leonardo UK, said: “It is very exciting for us to be starting on this journey with Social Value Portal, to really explore how we can support the long-term delivery of social value in the UK, creating measurable positive impact for communities, the environment and the economy.

“Our colleagues are very passionate about creating positive change and this new approach will assist in further embedding social value across Leonardo UK, helping us create added value across the key pillars of our sustainability strategy: People, Planet, Prosperity and Governance.”



Leonardo integrates sustainability into all aspects of our business to create long-term value and generate positive economic, social and environmental impacts for the company and our stakeholders.