03 March 2022
Leonardo to host AeroWomen22 event on 23 June 2022, International Women in Engineering Day

AeroWomen, held on International Women in Engineering Day, is a space to celebrate, educate and unite Women in Aerospace.

The aerospace sector has been accused of suffering from gender disparity, something that the industry is working extremely hard to bring balance to. However, more can always be done.

On June 23 2022, the second AeroWomen event will take place in an online/in-person hybrid format. AeroWomen is an event organised by Leonardo’s female trainees, hosted by Leonardo’s Yeovil site, for women in, and wanting to join the sector. AeroWomen22 will build on the success of last year’s inaugural event. The global pandemic caused last year’s event to be solely virtual nevertheless, it was a great success with year 12 students joining from across the UK and speakers and panellists ranging from across the sector; Aerospace Technology Institute, Airbus, Boeing, Leonardo and Women in Defence.  

AeroWomen provides an excellent networking opportunity between those women who have established careers in Aerospace, as well as a platform for the future generation to meet potential employers and understand that there is space for them in the sector. 

The event aims to:

  • Showcase and celebrate the diversity of Women in Aerospace
  • Invite women in industry to share their career paths, highlighting the plethora of different ways that a woman can be successful in this sector
  • Deliver a set of pragmatic and engaging workshops to promote the skills needed to have a purposeful and successful career in aerospace
  • Educate all attendees 
  • Increase diversity in the candidates who apply for roles in the sector - at all levels and stages of their career
  • Create an association of Women in Aerospace that exists beyond the event, in the form of an invitation-only LinkedIn group that will offer solidarity and networking for all involved

Beyond the event itself, AeroWomen22 hopes to create a cross-generational networking group, inclusive of those at all stages of their career. The ambition is for the network group will continue to grow and develop over the coming years, providing support and guidance to those with aspirations to be part of the future of aerospace. 

The agenda for the day will consist of:

  • Special guest speakers from women in aerospace who will share their experiences within the industry
  • Panel and Q&A session discussing what it means to be a female in engineering 
  • Workshops for all guests, to encourage the development of skills required for a successful career in aerospace

After the event, each attendee will be invited to join a group on LinkedIn that is exclusively for women in the sector to allow networks to continue to expand.

Anyone who would like to attend the event in-person is invited to register here, while those who would prefer to join online can register here.

Keep an eye on the AeroWomen22 Instagram channel, where the team will be announcing the speakers in the run-up to the event.

Meet the AeroWomen22 team

Bryony Venn

I am a second year Core Engineering Graduate, and Chair of AeroWomen22. In an ideal world, events like AeroWomen will become redundant as the sector will be as diverse as the general population and there will be equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of who they are. Moreover, events like International Women in Engineering Day will honour the trailblazers that have gone beforehand, not needing to encourage girls to pick up STEM subjects. Nevertheless, until that day we must continue to do all we can to diversify the sector and break down the stereotypes that come with being a woman in aviation.

Eilidh Seville

I am a second year Core Engineering Graduate at Leonardo’s Helicopters facility in Yeovil, and one of the Company Liaisons for AeroWomen22. It is so important for young female engineers to be able to see themselves within a space which is so male dominated, and have role models and mentors to look up to and gain support from within the sector. As a young engineer myself, I know that I have benefitted greatly from seeing female engineers excel in the STEM field, and with AeroWomen22 we hope to create this fundamental network for the next generation of engineers!

Sophie Furniss

I am a second year Products and Programmes Graduate with Leonardo’s Helicopters business in Yeovil, and a Company Liaison for AeroWomen22. At present, the engineering industry is heavily male dominated, with only 11% of the UK engineering workforce being female. I hope that through events like AeroWomen, we can break down gender stereotypes and inspire the next generation of females to pursue careers in STEM, to ensure that there is a more equal representation of genders in these fields in the future.

Charlea Boucher 

I am a second year Products and Programmes Graduate at Leonardo’s Helicopters facility in Yeovil. My role on the AeroWomen22 committee is Schools/College Liaison, where I coordinate engagement with schools, locally as well as nationally. I have a passion for STEM, and it is essential we engage young women to partake in events such as this to open their eyes to the aerospace industry, and engineering more widely, and show them the different career paths that are on offer in these fields. 

Megan Williams 

I am a first year Operations Graduate with Leonardo’  Helicopters business and have been lucky enough to participate as a Logistics Liaison for AeroWomen22. Before starting my graduate scheme, I was a guest at AeroWomen21 last year, which provided a really positive insight into life here at Leonardo, and the level of support offered to women. To provide a networking platform which such a huge knowledge base is a real privilege. The opportunity to receive mentorship, and in turn be a mentor, is a pivotal part of everyone’s professional development, which adds to the importance and excitement of events such as these.

Jennifer Miles 

I am a first year engineering graduate at Leonardo’s Helicopters business and a Logistics Liaison for AeroWomen22. From Sally Ride blasting into space aboard Challenger in 1983, to Elsie MacGill leading Hawker Hurricane production during the Second World War, and Amelia Earhart flying solo across the Atlantic; history is studded with women who broke down barriers to achieve their ambitions in aviation. As I see it, AeroWomen stands on the shoulders of these giants, bringing together remarkable female aerospace engineers who continue to challenge our perceptions of what is possible. The 2022 event will provide a platform to share knowledge, celebrate achievements, and inspire the next generation into engineering. We hope to see you there!

Alannah Brannagan-Fuller

I am a first year Avionics Engineering Graduate and the Media Liaison for AeroWomen22. Many reasons have been put forward as to why there are relatively few women in engineering and STEM fields in general; the one that comes up most frequently is a lack of role models for women to look up to. Through AeroWomen, I want to introduce girls to some of the women who are currently working in these fields, open their minds to unconsidered career paths, and help them find something to aspire to be.

Temitayo Adepipe 

I am a first year Mechanical Engineering Graduate and a Workshop Liaison for AeroWomen22. Having pursued a path in aerospace for most of my life, it has been encouraging to see the number of women in the industry continue to rise. AeroWomen is crucial as it allows young women to gain insight into the sector directly from women who are currently making an impact, and thus benefitting it in so many areas. AeroWomen is empowering, inspiring and enlightening the next generation of female engineers and beyond. I am excited to be a part of this year’s programme.

Rosie Leishman

I am an Industrial Placement student half-way through my degree, and a Workshop Liaison on the AeroWomen Committee. In such a male dominated industry, it is important to me that women have a community and space within engineering where they can share their stories and experiences, which tend to differ from those of their male colleagues. Being part of this community and having the chance to celebrate women’s achievements in engineering is incredibly important to me and I cannot wait to see what this event brings!

Evelyn King 

I am a second year UK & Export Sales Graduate at Leonardo’s Helicopters business, and a Workshop Liaison for AeroWomen22. I think it is hugely important for women to have these opportunities to interact and learn in such a male dominated sector, and I hope the event can highlight the importance of women in STEM and give these young people the confidence to continue to pursue their career in engineering.