A Journey to Greater Wellbeing

23 March 2022

Today, Leonardo is launching its Wellbeing Network Group. Its Chair, Jane Saunders, explains how the employee-run group will build upon the company’s inclusion strategy and help ensure our people and their wellbeing are at the heart of everything we do.

At Leonardo, wellbeing has always been an important consideration, since it is fundamental to how we perform individually and collectively as a business, as we strive to build an inclusive and diverse culture that enables everyone to thrive, feel safe and perform at their best. Hence why we have placed wellbeing at the centre of our People Management Fundamentals.

The Wellbeing Network Group will further evolve the activities and support already in place for colleagues at Leonardo, including our Mental Health Awareness Programme for Managers and access to the Thrive Mental Wellbeing App.

Marking Time to Talk Day in February, we recognised that creating time and space to have meaningful conversations has always been valuable – and perhaps even more so today as teams continue to ride the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and flexible ways of working.

Uncertainties and challenges remain with us; some people experience isolation, some still feel the stigma of mental ill health. We are good at reacting and supporting when our people struggle, but we must continue the move to building resilience. With the senior leadership support that we have, we are seeing senior leaders role modelling wellbeing. Pebbles can make ripples grow into waves, so having a combination of employees and senior leadership involvement in our wellbeing is crucial to its success.

I am delighted to be asked to be the first chair of the Wellbeing Network Group which will support Leonardo UK’s wellbeing charter. Using four pillars of wellbeing – financial, physical, psychological and social – will help us identify opportunities to further strengthen our wellbeing culture and reinforce the fact that health and wellbeing are at the core of our people management.

The Wellbeing Network Group will help us towards fully integrating wellbeing into our DNA. Doing so will unequivocally demonstrate that our wellbeing activities are an inherent part of business as usual, not an extra or distraction.

Building a Network of Support

Building a Network of Support

The start of the year can often be a difficult time for many people, as the memories of Christmas and the holiday season dissipate and thoughts turn to the challenges of the weeks and months ahead. With this in mind, Time to Talk Day is an important reminder of the value and importance of checking-in with others, be they family, friends or colleagues. Showing you really care about their wellbeing and being present is what matters.

Network Groups

At Leonardo, our network groups are the place for like-minded people and their allies to come together, help shape engagement and lead associated educational initiatives with all our people to deliver an inclusive and consistent experience for everyone in the UK.

Network Groups