Future Combat Air Systems

Intelligence, Surveillance and Recognisance Combat Cloud

Leonardo is creating an Intelligence, Surveillance and Recognisance Combat Cloud, giving unparalleled levels of knowledge to the war fighter. The cloud will exploit multiple communication bearers to dynamically scale across the entire ecosystem to include multiple in-theatre assets, the command centre, maintenance facilities, other public clouds and individual user desktops.

Such clouds will make services and information securely available to anyone, anywhere, at any time, optimising and maximising the utility of all in-theatre assets and eliminating delays in the decision-making process. This technology will also disrupt the existing approach to capability acquisition by significantly reducing development and integration time and cost, and provide a path for SMEs to enter the market and introduce innovative technologies.


Leonardo is one of the founding partners of Team Tempest, which is providing the technologies, knowledge, skills and expertise to develop the UK's Future Combat Air System (FCAS) capable of operating in the 2035+ environment.

In addition to our role developing cutting-edge sensor and communications systems, Leonardo is implementing cyber resilience across the Tempest ecosystem, cultivating new approaches to secure by design that address the as-yet unknown threats of the future, whilst enabling and encouraging wider technology innovation – delivering cyber advantage.

Tempest will represent a fundamental shift in enterprise connectivity and reliance – the way that information systems operate and interact in support of the mission. The key challenge is how we prepare ourselves for unknown future cyber threats; this means focusing on implementing cyber resilience into the whole programme – developing new and innovative approaches and methodologies to ensure that Tempest is robust and resilient against future and emerging challenges.

GCAP – Developing the future of combat air

GCAP – Developing the future of combat air

Leonardo is a founding partner of Team Tempest, alongside the UK MOD, BAE Systems, Rolls Royce and MBDA UK. The team is working at pace to develop the technologies, knowledge, skills and expertise necessary to see a new combat air system go into service in 2035. In 2022, the UK-Japan-Italy Global Combat Air Programme (GCAP) was established.