BriteCloud is the world’s first Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM) Expendable Active Decoy (EAD), which delivers increased platform protection to fast-jet aircraft and their crews against a growing range of airborne and surface-based RF threats.

The self-contained jammer fits standard countermeasure dispensers and so can equip a wide range of platforms. It is designed to disrupt incoming missiles’ RF tracking systems and produce an impressive ‘miss distance’, minimising the risk of a missile exploding close to the platform.

Over the past decade, BriteCloud has been proven for operational use through a rigorous series of trials around the world, with Leonardo electronic warfare (EW) technologists working alongside UK and allied defence forces to confirm the decoy’s full operational capability. This includes the US Air National Guard, which issued a ‘fielding recommendation’ for BriteCloud 218 as part of a Foreign Comparative Testing (FCT) programme involving US F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter jets. The US has subsequently designated BriteCloud 218 as AN/ALQ-260(V)1.

Testing has covered the ‘BriteCloud 55’ variant, which can be launched from a standard 55mm chaff and flare dispenser, and the smaller ‘BriteCloud 218’, which fits into 2”x1”x8” dimensions. Additionally, the BriteCloud 55-T variant is designed to protect large military transport aircraft.

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