Command & Control

Due to technology innovations, complexity is what security operators must face in everyday work. Operational context is now characterised by availability of many heterogeneous data flows that need to be processed, synthetised and contextualised in a timely way in order to be translated into actionable information which enables operators to make the right decision at the right time.

Failing to do this may mark the difference between success and failure for a mission that, in mission-critical contexts such as public safety or defence, can imply risk for human lives.

New command and control applications, as well as increasingly digitised control rooms need to master the “information deluge” in order to:

  • Extract relevant information from a huge amount of heterogeneous data (even leveraging past experiences by means of artificial intelligent engines)
  • Convert them in useful indications for operations management
  • Be able to disseminate on field in a secure and effective way