Inclusion and Diversity

At Leonardo, we are strongly committed to supporting our people, and, as times, people and society change, our approach to inclusion and diversity is continually evolving to reflect this.

We know that having a variety of people from different backgrounds, cultures and approaches can, and does, enhance our working environment. Such a workplace fosters mutual respect amongst colleagues and allows each individual to bring their whole self to work and perform at their best. A culture of inclusion goes on to create an environment for greater collaboration, innovation and opportunities to develop as an organisation.

For us, inclusion and diversity is a commercial imperative that helps to us stay relevant, attract a broad pool of talent, grow our brand and improve our competitiveness. It makes it a great place to work for our people who work here today and for those who we hope to attract in the future. As part of Leonardo's commitment, we are signed up to several organisations and initiatives in line with our I&D plan.

Norman Bone, Leonardo UK Chair and Managing Director"Like many of our partner organisations, Leonardo will continue our efforts to attract, develop and retain more diverse talent to better reflect the communities in which we work. At the same time, we need to be confident that we can do so by having an inclusive culture where our people feel safe and comfortable to be themselves. This is not only the right thing to do; it is also in our best interests as a business and it is where I intend to leave a personal legacy to Leonardo."

Norman Bone – Chairman and Managing Director, Leonardo UK

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