The new Typhoon: three advanced electronic systems which give the platform a combat edge

22 July 2020

With 623 Eurofighter Typhoons ordered to date, we look at what makes it the world’s most powerful and reliable swing-role combat aircraft.

In addition to its powerful engines and innovative airframe design, Typhoon’s suite of battle-winning sensors and defensive systems, developed with significant input from Leonardo’s UK workforce, form a formidable combination.

The new ‘Captor-E’ E-scan radar system provides the Typhoon with a game-changing wide field of regard, targeting opponents at the longest-possible range and the widest angle, delivering a significant combat edge.

When it comes to digital stealth, Typhoon’s ‘Praetorian’ defensive aids sub-system employs a range of electronic countermeasures, allowing it to digitally hide its signature, or to generate radar noise to confuse enemy radar operators. These countermeasures can be effectively adapted as threats change, keeping the Typhoon well protected into the future.

Typhoon also carries the PIRATE Infra-red Search and Track (IRST) system, which targets and tracks opposing aircraft via their heat signatures. The ‘passive’ nature of this high-tech thermal sensor means it doesn’t emit energy – great for when the Typhoon must remain covert.

Leonardo leads consortia drawing on the best of European engineering expertise to deliver the Typhoon’s sensors and defensive capabilities; EuroRADAR brings together Leonardo, Hensoldt and Indra to provide the Captor-E radar; EuroDASS sees Leonardo, Elettronica, Indra and Hensoldt partnering to deliver the Praetorian DASS; and EuroFIRST, which provides the PIRATE IRST, includes Leonardo, Thales and Tecnobit.

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