Cyber Resilience

Responding to an attack

Cyber resilience is a shift in approach from simply preventing attacks from happening, to being able to mitigate the outcomes in the event of a successful attack.

A shift in mindset is needed from simply protecting networks and systems from third party intrusion, to becoming more agile in preparing for and managing an attack. Cyber resilience therefore focusses on continued delivery of service – during and after a cyber-attack – and applies tactics to ensure business continuity or mission success.

A resilient methodology

Leonardo has developed a methodology for integrating cyber resilience into all areas of an organisation and the services it delivers – from comprehensive cyber risk assessments to security monitoring and cyber certification.

Our solutions are matched to our customers’ specific risk appetite and are based on a range of international standards, while our approach is fully integrated into each customer’s business, allowing organisations to understand and make informed decisions. We also train in-house teams to understand the criticality and benefits of adhering to robust security practices.

Value delivered by Leonardo

Leonardo enables its customers to understand the scenarios and threats their businesses face, and makes recommendations on how to implement procedures to mitigate attacks. This approach can enable a business to remain operational, even in the event of a successful cyber-attack.

The Cyber resilience product is comprised of five fully customisable modules, each focussed on achieving a specific outcome across your cyber resilience journey. This modular approach allows us to collaboratively define a cyber resilience journey that best meets your needs in an agile and dynamic manner. These five modules are:

  • Resiliency Enablement: Defining your strategic resiliency journey, its integration and enablement of your objectives, and the governance structures that enable this to happen. Akin to the traditional risk and governance domain of security implementation.
  • Resiliency Measurement: The identification, analysis and measurement of resiliency, enabling a clear understanding of your risk exposure and relative maturity.
  • Resiliency Realisation: Designing resilience and security into your solutions through people, process and technology countermeasures; proportionately mitigating your risk exposure.
  • Resiliency Validation: Ensuring confidence in both the technical implementation of resilience and the governance structures that enable it to happen, assuring the security return on investment.

Cyber Professional Services

Cyber Professional Services

In supporting customers to strengthen IT/OT systems resilience, Leonardo designs and develops Security Strategy & Governance and Cyber Resilience for Governments, CNI and strategic industries through consulting services and the design of on-premise cyber security and intelligence solutions.

Protect your information through cyber security

Leonardo is certified in the National Cyber Security Centre's Cyber Security Consultancy framework.

Protect your information through cyber security

Cyber Security Job Opportunities

Cyber Security Job Opportunities

We are recruiting cyber security experts with strong analytical skills and experienced professionals in network security event management.