Mechanical Engineers
Mechanical Engineers are crucially involved in the design and development cycle of our key product technologies. Utilising state-of-the-art design, analysis and simulation tools, they ensure that all aspects of the mechanical design meet the technical, manufacturing and sustainability requirements.

Leonardo provides varied and exciting opportunities for mechanical engineers covering a wide range of technologies including electro-optical, radar, secure communication and laser systems, all partnered with cutting-edge innovation which is at the heart of our business.

Mechanical engineering areas of work:

  • Mechanical Design
  • Advanced Materials – Structural Designs for AIR, LAND & NAVAL applications
  • Electro-Optical and Opto-Mechanical systems design
  • Structural & Thermal Analysis & Simulation
  • Advanced Simulations in Virtual & Augmented Reality
  • Pressurised Cooling & Thermal Management Systems

Related Degrees:

  • Engineering (preferably Mechanical)
  • Aero-structures
  • Advanced Product Design & Simulation

Professional Accreditations sponsored:

  • Chartered Engineer
  • Chartered Physicist
  • Incorporated Engineer
  • Engineering Technician

Memberships Funded by Leonardo:

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Innovation: people and technology in harmony

Innovation: people and technology in harmony

Innovation is central to everything Leonardo does and stands for. In the UK, we invest around £180 million (around 10% of turnover) in research and development. This helps focus our people on developing creative, fit for the future and bespoke capability for our customers' success.