Monitoring vehicle movement

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a network of roadside cameras used by the police and other government security organisations to track vehicle movements across the country.

At Leonardo, we are dedicated to providing advanced ANPR technology to law enforcement agencies, parking authorities, toll operators and access control organisations through our ANPR product portfolio.

Our innovative technology and system solutions are designed by ANPR experts to enhance patrol presence while adding a force multiplier that significantly improves operational efficiencies.

ANPR cameras can be deployed at fixed locations and as mobile units on, for example, police vehicles – feeding centralised databases which support a wide range of use cases for law enforcement and other agencies, including:

  • Counter-terrorism and disrupting major crime
  • Border Control and Homeland Security Initiatives
  • Surveillance (white lists, black lists)
  • Traffic/Parking Enforcement
  • Criminal pattern analysis such as convoy analysis, cross search

Secure solutions

As a leading systems integrator, Leonardo has deployed a range of fixed, mobile and portable, covert and overt ANPR solutions in the UK and in more than 30 countries around the world.

We have also developed the world’s largest ANPR back office operations centre, which is the brain that manages all ANPR intelligence assets and can process 3,000 ANPR reads per second. The system can distribute law enforcement data to ANPR systems in the field, including periodic updates of hot lists and white lists. It can also be configured for a range of systems – from small deployments up to nationwide systems.

Value delivered by Leonardo

As leading systems integrators, Leonardo has implemented the largest ANPR database in the world. We provide a range of high performance ANPR cameras with exceptional plate capture abilities. Our high performance cameras capture data in real time, search out and track identified number plates, generate alarms, and monitor movement all over the country. We are experts in all areas of experts in sensing and detection and can process this data in line with other surveillance requirements, providing post event analytics at a national scale.

Protect your information through cyber security

Leonardo is certified in the National Cyber Security Centre's Cyber Security Consultancy framework.

Protect your information through cyber security

Cyber Security Job Opportunities

Cyber Security Job Opportunities

We are recruiting cyber security experts with strong analytical skills and experienced professionals in network security event management.